Thursday, December 15, 2016

Still crafting. . .

It has been ages since I've taken the opportunity to blog.

Not much painting or drawing happening - 
however, the craft bug continues to bite!

Mostly beads and yarn these days though - 
Took the Eclectic Beaded Crocheted Jewelry class hosted through Jeanne Oliver's site.  Loved that class and it seems

to have created a monster!!  I can't stop making these necklace/wraps!  I think I've made close to 20 of them in the past month or so.  

Some are in a local gift shop which thrills me because I seem to be addicted to the acquisition of beads lately. . . 

What have you been up to these days??


Debbie said...

I took this class too! What fun! I've only made one wrap bracelet so far. I love the ones you've made.

Kimberly Jones said...

Love all of these! I thought about taking that class! Now I really want to!

robin dudley-howes said...

Glad you enjoyed the class!

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