Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amigurumi for Stella

SQUEEEE!!!  Isn't this the cutest amigurumi doll you've ever seen me make?  Yuppers!! cause it is the only amigurumi doll I've ever made!!  I got the pattern from Jenny & Teddy Creations.  There are several free patterns on that site - plus many others for sale in their etsy shop.
What is amigurumi you (my mom) might ask?   Basically it is a fancy Japanese word for crocheted little doll.  So here's the choice - Crochet (fancy French word but only two syllables) or Amigurumi (fancy Japanese word with 5 syllables) - I'm definitely going for the word that makes me sound more awesome!!
This girly is for my 3-year old niece Stella who has curly blonde hair - so, so cute!!  I made the barrettes out of tiny clothespins with a muse|studio flower ribbon glued on.  The purse can actually hold stuff - maybe I should put some coins in it.  Someone should have $$ in their purse since mine is usually empty after being raided by the males in my family!
Edited to add:  I've made another amigurumi for my other Washingtonian niece - Check out Amigurumi for Violet.


Kimberly Jones said...

So adorable! We LOVE amigurumi! Stella will have so much fun with her! You are so multi-talented!

jen said...

ACK! she's adorable!!! Hadley was peeking over my shoulder & she loved it too- and said 'she even has hair clippies!'!!!
You are one cool aunt!

veronica said...

her hair is my fav part. she is just too cute! love the over the shoulder bag too.

Jennie M said...

You made this?!?! WOW! SO adorable!!!