Monday, February 4, 2013

29 Faces Challenge - "Swim Lesson"

"Swim Lesson"

A new girl to live in my vintage ledger.  She would have preferred for her portrait to be done with her hair down but those things happen, right?
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carol l mckenna said...

She is just divine ~ Wow ~ lovely eyes and face ~

Carol of: A Creative Harbor ^_^

Melanie said...

She's loveley. Like youre style.
Liefs, Melanie

Janet said...

She looks great in her swim cap! I love the dots.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Oh what a grand expression on her face. I absolutely love the way her eyes speak so loudly!

Thank you for sharing her and your journal with us. I love vintage stuff so much it is more than slightly ridiculous.

I'm happy to be visiting today from Creative Every Day. You can find my post here, if you would like to!

Bestdayblogger said...


Kristin said...

Oh, she's absolutely gorgeous! Love her coloring and fab eyes and brows. Looking forward to seeing more and yes, it's really a lot already - but I LOVE it ;) xo

Coreycor! said...

I can just imagine her finishing her lesson for the day-taking off her cap and gorgeous brown locks coming out. I'd take lessons all summer. hehe

veronica said...

the neck shading is terrific.
but i don't think she is thrilled that you caught her with her swim cap on. tee hee