Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cincinnati. . .

We spent the weekend in Cincinnati and had a blast!  Stayed downtown, visited three art museums, ate great food, went shopping and slept in both days until past 9AM!
Have you ever seen a Pringles machine??
Just love this pattern on the booth at Panera!
Isn't it required to take at least one selfie??
Our favorite museum was the Contemporary Arts Center which was within walking distance from our hotel. 
Only two floors were open since exhibits were changing but there was a lot to look at. . .some pretty and a lot weird.
I wish I had taken a picture of the three full sized trees rotating from the ceiling upside down.  I took a movie but no stills - that display took up a huge gallery room.
It was creaky and loud with the mechanics of the display churning away.
Shark Girl was having a bad day - note the black cloud following her around. . . 
We also visited the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Taft Museum of Art and enjoyed more artistic traditional fare including pieces by Renoir, Manet and Van Gogh but for sheer fun the Contemporary Arts Center gave us the most to talk about. . . 
Tomorrow is our 24th anniversary - thanks for the great weekend, Corey!!  Love ya!

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Janet said...

Looks like a fun weekend...Happy Anniversary!

I love that pattern from Panera's. The colors are great and I like the shapes, too.