Friday, June 26, 2015

A question for you regarding Andrew Wyeth. . .

So yesterday I was out and about with Connor (18) and he took a quick peek into the current issue of MAD magazine while we were waiting to check out of the grocery.  He laughs at a political cartoon of Chris Christie saying, "Isn't this funny? - it is referencing Christina's World."  He saw my confused face and said - "You do know about Christina's World don't you?" and quickly googles a picture of it.  When I saw the artist was Andrew Wyeth I said, "Oh, he's the guy who painted lots and lots of portraits of the neighbor lady and nobody knew anything about it." (See Helga Pictures)  At that point it was Connor's turn to look confused.

The big scandal regarding the 247 Helga paintings hit when I was not much older than Connor is now and is the immediate reference my brain goes to when it hears the name Andrew Wyeth.  I knew that he had a history as a painter but I was a kid and we didn't have Google then so Helga is the only reference I have for him.  Connor says that my not knowing about Christina's World is on the same level as if someone didn't know about American Gothic.  So tell me - is it true that I've been living under a rock??  It's okay - I can take it. . .

BTW - this girl is for the Summer of Color Challenge 3 (two purples and one yellow),
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

More veg. . .

Finally took some time last night and this morning to paint up some more veg for the Delicious Food class being taught by the amazing Tracey Fletcher King.  I'm pretty pleased with all of them - took me forever though and loads of layers to paint these critters.  Tracey makes things looks easy that are not!!
There are crazy storms that have been blowing through these parts the past several days - the grass is really tall but when it is about time for Caleb to mow it starts raining again.  Good grief.
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

A plethora of pink

I'm not a huge fan of pink - in fact I often make fun of my friend Kim's love of that hue - but it is time for the Summer of Color Challenge and this week's palette consists of two pinks coupled with an orange.  This is exactly why I love this challenge - I'd never paint a picture like this if it weren't for the daunting task of using these colors together and frankly I kinda like it in all its glorious rosy hue - Go figure!  Thanks Kristin for making me stretch from my comfort zone! 
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Monday, June 8, 2015

The BEST tomato I've ever drawn. . .

YUP - This is the BEST tomato I've ever drawn - also, it is the only tomato that I have ever drawn so it wins by default but seriously now - isn't it amazing??!!  I've been a huge fan of Tracey Fletcher King for ever so long and when I found out she was hosting a class on Community Thrive called "Delicious Paint with Tracey" I jumped for the opportunity to watch her paint and learn some of her amazing secrets..  
Tracey's work abounds with luscious color and she is super FUNNY to boot so you can thank me later for pushing you her way (unless, like me, you've been enjoying her posts for years).  
I own very few pieces of original art but I am proud to say I own a painting that Tracey did of my mug for her Cuppa with Friends project.  It lives in my kitchen and makes me smile everyday!
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Friday, June 5, 2015

Big Hair Tale

In The Year in Janie's Diary our heroine is valiantly trying to look older and more attractive by, among other things, ratting her hair out to gargantuan proportions.  No wonder most girls needed an entire evening to wash and style their hair - can you imagine how much time it would take to wash out all that hairspray?
I haven't used much hairspray in the past decade or so but I will admit that in 8th grade I had some of the best feathered hair around - my technique was to curl and arrange the hair precisely where I wanted it to lay, hold it in place with clips, spray the whole mess into submission and then remove the clips once the hairspray had dried.  Worked like a charm until the wind blew or the rain fell.  LOL   What extremes did you go to for the perfect coiffure?