Friday, June 5, 2015

Big Hair Tale

In The Year in Janie's Diary our heroine is valiantly trying to look older and more attractive by, among other things, ratting her hair out to gargantuan proportions.  No wonder most girls needed an entire evening to wash and style their hair - can you imagine how much time it would take to wash out all that hairspray?
I haven't used much hairspray in the past decade or so but I will admit that in 8th grade I had some of the best feathered hair around - my technique was to curl and arrange the hair precisely where I wanted it to lay, hold it in place with clips, spray the whole mess into submission and then remove the clips once the hairspray had dried.  Worked like a charm until the wind blew or the rain fell.  LOL   What extremes did you go to for the perfect coiffure? 


Janet said...

Been there...done that!! Now I keep my hair short and it seldom takes me more than five minutes from shower to "out-the-door"

Love your Big Hair Girl!!

Giggles said...

I love this post....I hit black ice with my jeep Cherokee and my car was totaled but my hair was perfect, not a hair out of place... it was sprayed so well it stayed there... I still laugh about that...I had cuts on my hands and a seat belt injury but my hair was perfect!! I have not worn hairspray in almost 20 years now!!

Great page!!

Hugs Giggles

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Her hair is fabulous, mine is short and easy to take care of :)

Happy Saturday, sweetie!

Love and hugs

Julie Ann Lee said...

I love your 'big hair' portrait - it's so beautiful! I had naturally curly and very wayward hair when I was young and I just longed for straight sleek locks! Now I don't mind it and accept that's me! xxx

Tracey Fletcher King said...

Big hair tales abound in my past... At art school it was all about the spiky hair that was sprayed into submission but usually meant waking looking like one half of my head had been flattened ... The was somthing quite satisfying about straightening the spikes back into place though ... Haven't thought of that in years lol... Thanks for the reminders

alarmcat said...

i've been down the hairspray route before. it's been a long time though.

I spent most of the 80s getting my hair permed every few months. so many hours sitting in the salon just for curly hair. the burden of having straight limp hair.

Kim Dellow said...

Love it! Her big hair is just wonderful! Thanks so much for linking up on Show Your Face this week and for shout out too. Kx