Monday, June 8, 2015

The BEST tomato I've ever drawn. . .

YUP - This is the BEST tomato I've ever drawn - also, it is the only tomato that I have ever drawn so it wins by default but seriously now - isn't it amazing??!!  I've been a huge fan of Tracey Fletcher King for ever so long and when I found out she was hosting a class on Community Thrive called "Delicious Paint with Tracey" I jumped for the opportunity to watch her paint and learn some of her amazing secrets..  
Tracey's work abounds with luscious color and she is super FUNNY to boot so you can thank me later for pushing you her way (unless, like me, you've been enjoying her posts for years).  
I own very few pieces of original art but I am proud to say I own a painting that Tracey did of my mug for her Cuppa with Friends project.  It lives in my kitchen and makes me smile everyday!
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Janet said...

Yes, your tomato is amazing! I wish I could find plump, juicy red tomatoes like that at the store.

I'm off now to check out Tracey Fletcher King.

alarmcat said...

I love Tracey's work, too. Your tomato is great ... so juicy!