Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Illustration Friday - ENTANGLED

"Man is the only creature whose emotions are ENTANGLED with his memory."
                                - Marjorie Holmes

This is the last of the pieces started while on vacation in Seattle - paint markers, graphite and pen.  I love when something comes together with so few elements.  I also am quite happy to be a painty mess with all manner of arty supplies out too. . . 
Was thinking of layering this one onto the front of my new linen art journal (thanks, Selena) but at the last minute my art patron ("me") decided that it should be framed and put on the mantel.  There are loads of my "artistic" attempts littering our home - it is a good thing that my husband is so encouraging.  When I get tired of it I'll just switch it out with something else I've drawn.  Do you do that too?
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Further adventures in yarn. . .

I recently regaled you with the tale of my return to knitting and its serious side-effects (LOL)! Thought I'd pop in today and show you the finished dishcloths in their collective "yarn-y" glory.  I will admit at this point that the other three cloths were crocheted - much quicker and easier than knitting (for me, anyway) but my heart and aching shoulders will always belong to my gray knitted washcloths! 
Doesn't everything look better tied up with silk ribbon??!!  Not sure if the recipients realized that the ribbons were silk.  Frankly, I wanted to snatch them back when they weren't looking but how rude would that be??!!  (I'm guessing that the very fact that I wanted to snatch them back shows character flaws - oh well!)
Did you know that Interweave has announced a blog contest??  It was serendipitous that I had posted about my return to knitting but you should seriously think about posting about your knitting project on your blog!  You could win up to $200 worth of merchandise from their amazing online store.  If I were to win I'd indulge in some fabulous mixed-media goodies including:  Inktense PencilsInktense Blocks and classes like Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's All About Faces and Jane Davenport's The Whimsical Face.   Drawing girls makes me happy and Interweave has gobs of merchandise to facilitate that love!  
If you enter leave me a comment/link to your post - I'd love to see your project!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trustworthy shampoo. . .

Another sketch done on the airplane - I only brought a small amount of supplies on the trip which explains the color palette being repeated.  A scribbled background made with Stabilo pencils was "smooshed" together with a aqua pen.   
Below is a pic of her on my tray on the plane - That red bag held my supplies which included the letter stickers and my trusty tweezers to apply them with (thanks Caleb!)  I sat in the middle seat and still had plenty of room to draw and play.  
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Using a moustache and beret as a disguise. . .

Illustration Friday - Moustache 

Once upon a time there was a girl who found it difficult to blend in due to her distinctive look. . . 
She decided to become more anonymous with the addition of a beret and it helped - a bit. . . 
Once she added the moustache, however, her disguise was complete.  Although she seemed to get considerably more questioning looks from others, nobody seemed to recognize her and she could go about her day in peace.  
The End.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Airplane sketch -

Haven't posted in nearly two weeks - I believe that is a record absence for me!  This is a sketch I did while on the airplane.  BTW, do NOT open your Sharpie paint pen while in the air - the "flower" on the far left shows the most collateral damage from the lake of paint that exploded out of the pen all over my nearly finished picture.  OOPS! 
We visited family in Washington State and enjoyed Seattle as always. 
LOVE the amazing view from The Space Needle. 
A visit to Pike's Market is never complete without a pic of the flowers - The first time we visited several years back I literally cried when I saw how inexpensive the flowers were.  I love having fresh flowers and I would seriously indulge every week if I had access to such gorgeous blooms!
These prickly "costumes" were at the Seattle Art Museum.  I am a big fan of all types of museums - art museums most of all so that was an opportunity that I couldn't let pass.  The parking situation downtown was harrowing - we've never driven in a more tightly packed garage (the antenna was hitting the ceiling as we drove) and expensive - cost $26 to get the car out of hock when we left about 3 hours later!
Snoqualmie Falls is gorgeous!!  I would love to stay at Salish Lodge someday -
We had plans to visit Mt. Rainier but the government shutdown squashed that dream - oh well - there is always next time!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Cool" Butterflies. . .

Recently, my SIL from Seattle asked me to paint some "cool butterflies" for her.  Nothing scares me more than painting on request.  I realize that it may sound ridiculous for someone who would happily paint everyday to make that statement but I get paralyzed with fear at the thought that they won't like it but feel compelled to do something with it because they made the original request.   
On the other hand, if a person saw something that I had already painted and wanted to have it I would be tickled pink!!  No angst with a situation like that - no overanalyzing what "cool" means to her and if my butterflies can live up to that.  I was never "cool" in school - I was the smart, nerdy girl with glasses and allergies.  The one all the boys gravitate to (NOT!) 
Although I've grown past most of my insecurities, all those years of self-doubt still get me from time to time.  Anyhoo - even though these butterflies would never be found in nature, I find them to be pretty cool - Hope Jen does too!
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