Monday, October 21, 2013

Further adventures in yarn. . .

I recently regaled you with the tale of my return to knitting and its serious side-effects (LOL)! Thought I'd pop in today and show you the finished dishcloths in their collective "yarn-y" glory.  I will admit at this point that the other three cloths were crocheted - much quicker and easier than knitting (for me, anyway) but my heart and aching shoulders will always belong to my gray knitted washcloths! 
Doesn't everything look better tied up with silk ribbon??!!  Not sure if the recipients realized that the ribbons were silk.  Frankly, I wanted to snatch them back when they weren't looking but how rude would that be??!!  (I'm guessing that the very fact that I wanted to snatch them back shows character flaws - oh well!)
Did you know that Interweave has announced a blog contest??  It was serendipitous that I had posted about my return to knitting but you should seriously think about posting about your knitting project on your blog!  You could win up to $200 worth of merchandise from their amazing online store.  If I were to win I'd indulge in some fabulous mixed-media goodies including:  Inktense PencilsInktense Blocks and classes like Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's All About Faces and Jane Davenport's The Whimsical Face.   Drawing girls makes me happy and Interweave has gobs of merchandise to facilitate that love!  
If you enter leave me a comment/link to your post - I'd love to see your project!


Michelle said...

LOL! Michelle, I missed your story of your return to knitting. Lucky you sent me back to read it now. You had me giggling from start to end. ;-) I just returned to knitting, too. I have a similar history to you, but I'm pretty sure I finished one sweater, once. My current project is working with my 11 year old to knit possum pouches - woollen pouches for orphaned possums that end up with the RSPCA. I love your washcloth idea. I may give those a try, too!

veronica said...

They turned out fab! what great gifts! love the silk ribbon too!!