Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Airplane sketch -

Haven't posted in nearly two weeks - I believe that is a record absence for me!  This is a sketch I did while on the airplane.  BTW, do NOT open your Sharpie paint pen while in the air - the "flower" on the far left shows the most collateral damage from the lake of paint that exploded out of the pen all over my nearly finished picture.  OOPS! 
We visited family in Washington State and enjoyed Seattle as always. 
LOVE the amazing view from The Space Needle. 
A visit to Pike's Market is never complete without a pic of the flowers - The first time we visited several years back I literally cried when I saw how inexpensive the flowers were.  I love having fresh flowers and I would seriously indulge every week if I had access to such gorgeous blooms!
These prickly "costumes" were at the Seattle Art Museum.  I am a big fan of all types of museums - art museums most of all so that was an opportunity that I couldn't let pass.  The parking situation downtown was harrowing - we've never driven in a more tightly packed garage (the antenna was hitting the ceiling as we drove) and expensive - cost $26 to get the car out of hock when we left about 3 hours later!
Snoqualmie Falls is gorgeous!!  I would love to stay at Salish Lodge someday -
We had plans to visit Mt. Rainier but the government shutdown squashed that dream - oh well - there is always next time!


Fida said...

love the artwork!

alarmcat said...

missed you....glad you had a good trip....despite the govt shutdown. i love of my fav cities.

i wouldn't guess that a sharpie pen would explode like that. i once opened a travel-sized lotion in flight. yeah...lotions explode, too :)

veronica said...

i would buy $5 flowers all the time too, if i got those beautiful flowers!!! glad you had a good time.