Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home from Seattle!

IT training weekend was a blast!! I learned so much and met so many cool, talented and smart chicks - Here are a couple of pics - I'll post more when I get a chance - Friday started out with Copic Marker Certification - WOW!! Those markers are so versatile - can't wait to show you some tricks (I need lots more practice though). This pic is of me, Marianne Walker is on the right. She is the uber talented Copic trainer - Do you recognize the person on the left - Ellen Hutson! She arrived for an after class meeting with Marianne and I can see a photo op from a mile away!!

Me and Julie - Can you believe it??!! She is so warm and funny - super enthusiastic - all the things you think she would be - AND more!!

This is my girly group - Dawn, Kamilla, Liz, me. We had a great time!!!
Look who else is at our table!!! Linda Carnell the founder/owner of A Muse!!! Her passion for what she does just shines through -


scoopy (Emily) said...

Hi Michelle! It was so great to meet you in person this weekend! I wish we'd had a chance to chat more!

veronica said...

can't wait to see more. i am interested in seeing your copic work.

The Swinks said...

I can hear the enthusiasm through the blog. I can't wait to see it in action IRL.