Monday, November 3, 2008

New Clear Sets

LOOK!! Two new clear stamp sets from A Muse! Cupcakes are so popular right now - I can't wait to play with this set - All the cupcakes you want - NO CALORIES!!!

It is only 2 more days until I leave for my trip to Seattle - I'm very excited and a little nervous too - While I've flown lots of times, I've never flown across country by myself! I won't know what to do for multiple hours solo!
Friday is Copic Marker Certification training, followed by the Cupcake Social. Saturday and Sunday is A Muse IT (Instructor Training). I am SO excited for this opportunity and I'm going to soak in all I can and then come back and share!!
In the meantime to prep for the long plane ride - I'm checking out books from the library, Corey has supplied me with Sudoku puzzles and I'm going to try to catch up on balancing the checkbook (exciting!!) - who knows, maybe I'll even take a nap! Stay posted for Seattle pics coming up soon!!


veronica said...

glad you have a tote to carry all your plane stuff in!
have a terrific time.

Lori said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!! I just read the great news on Kim's email.
I am so excited we'll have our very own Amuse gal !!!