Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Batik Stamps

A couple summers ago on a visit to Seattle we went to Pike's Market (isn't it almost the law that you have to go there and smell flowers, taste honey and eat doughnuts??) I found this batik stamp in an import shop and had to have it - I love that it has a history behind it and the paisley is a favorite of mine also.
Corey had a customer that knew I loved stamping and sent the other batik stamp to me - This one has a handle on the back of it. These stamps are used to make batik cloth by stamping onto cloth with wax (instead of ink) and then dying the cloth. The wax acts as a resist on the cloth and keeps the stamped areas the original color. Pretty cool!

Friday night we had the second Vintage Monogram class - We had a little more room to spread out than on Wednesday. Another Friday night of fun at Serendipity!!

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veronica said...

i still want to see you use those 2 huge stamps. do some batik for us!!!!! we want batik!