Friday, November 13, 2009

Monogram Necklace

Look what I made tonight!! I got a new sweater today and didn't really have a necklace to go with it - I got the idea to make a monogram necklace with my new Slice -
The soldering stuff is from Simply Swank (available at Serendipity - hint, hint) and the beads, etc. are from my stash. The paper is from Basic Grey.
LOOK - it is reversible - I am so obnoxiously proud of this - I've never made a necklace from scratch before! I've made lots of soldered pendants but this is my first monogram one. Don't look too closely at the beading cause I'm definitely a novice at this!!
BTW - By putting the barrel clasp at the top of my pendant I can not only switch out pendants quickly and easily but it is also easy to turn the pendant over without taking off the necklace and turning it around - There may be something that would do the job better in the findings department but it was the only think I could think of with my very limited beading experience.
Don't ya just love trying something new??!! I do!!


Paige Thomas King said...

i want to learn how to do that soldering--
have you tried making those bubble charms yet? maybe i need to bring some friends and come hang out with you and kimberly.

veronica said...

i love it! love the way the 2 sides are different, even the edges.