Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Impromptu Treats

Sometimes it is fun to send treats to school for no particular reason - That's when I like to do it- when nobody is expecting it. The hard part is to send a treat that Caleb will approve - He is very particular - I did manage to put the tiniest snippet of cool retro patterned paper on here and he approved the stamp because you have to look close to see it -
The cookies came from Target - 2 tubs made 25 treat bags with 3 cookies each with a few left over. The extra tub is for us!! Can't package up all those treats and not have any to eat here, right? I have a feeling that the kids at school won't mind the paper/stamp. All they will see is cookies in a bag!!
Sentiment is from A Muse (9-8590B mw Delicious Day!)


Tisha said...

These are awesome!! What a lucky boy! Where'd you find your bags???

veronica said...

love the stamped bags. cute, but i think the kids will only see the cookies.