Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pretty(???), Poofy Paper Flowers

Recently, Dawn McVey posted a video on how she makes her Poofy Vintage Print Paper Buttons. I had to try it! I made three of them and I think they are adorable!!
My husband saw them lying on the table and said, "What are those??!!" - He simply didn't see the beauty in my flowers at all!
After I finished my three cards he decided that he liked them better because he said that the cards distracted from the flowers - How rude!!
I don't care what he says - I think they are lovely! Plus it was fun to use the crimper on the leaves. Sentiment is from A Muse (9-8246B thinking of you hand).


veronica said...

i saw that video too! i want to make some of those too, but i don't have an old book that i want to desecrate yet. i think the buttons make them great!

Vintage Scrapper said...

I love these flowers! And what a great way to turn an old book that might just end up in a land fill into something useful and beautiful! Very pretty, no ????s needed!

june said...

these are beautiful! now where are those books my hubby won't get rid of:)

Becky Rusher said...

I was just over at Dawn's sight and was thinking I'd love to try those vintage flowers! Your flowers are perfect, and I love your cards!