Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun with A Muse Decorative Tape!!

Did you realize that A Muse is carrying decorative tape? I made this fun damask card with it -
Just as cute in kraft, huh? Do you see the tape? You don't?? Look more closely -
It comes on a spool like packing tape (see it in the bottom middle picture). It is clear so whatever paper you put it on shows through the tape - I put a strip down the middle - one on each side and then turned it over and burnished it on securely and trimmed the sides with my scissors. This is sticky tape so my Tim Holtz nonstick craft mat was an invaluable tool! Literally within a couple minutes I had both 4b cardfronts covered in the tape which is so fun and shiny! I added some homemade flower embellishments (the white one is made from crepe paper, the other from vintage music paper) and stamped my A Muse sentiment onto wood veneer paper.
These are SO striking and EASY to make!! I love how the earthy tones of the wood contrast with the shiny tape. Really chic but homey at the same time!! These are really simple but "simple" can be the hardest thing to achieve sometimes. I am just tickled with how they turned out - now I need to make them in color. . .pink, aqua, green. . . . or with a monogram. . . . or on the outside of an envelope. . . .


jen said...

oh my heck! That has to be one of the coolest things that's come out! Those cards look great! And I'm a total sucker for damask...! I believe the term I'm looking for here is...enabler. *giggle*

veronica said...

how cool is that tape!! great idea.