Friday, September 23, 2011

Art Journal - Easy Canvas Prints

Look at my new 11" x 14" art canvas that I received from Easy Canvas Prints - do you like it?  Does it look familiar at all?
It is a page from my art journal!!  WHOO HOO!  How cool is that?!  Brendan from Easy Canvas Prints contacted me recently and explained how easy it is to change your photos to canvas and I was game to try it out.
Painting directly onto a canvas scares me - big time!!  That's why I was proud of myself when I started an art journal - at least this way I could try out new techniques but I didn't have to worry about wasting resources or putting too much pressure on myself to "do it perfectly" - in fact, if I don't like an art journal page I don't have to show it to anyone.  BUT - what if you LOVE a page that you did??  I really don't want to remove pages from my journal so taking a pic and having it printed onto canvas is the perfect solution!
Placing my order was a cinch!  The site was easy to navigate, there are lots of choices for sizes and edging options plus the canvas was shipped expertly and quickly.  I've hung it in a large frame on a shelf in the living room.
Makes me happy to see such a professional print and know that its origins were from me!!


Kimberly Jones said...

Michelle it's gorgeous! How fun to a large version of your own artwork!

Becky Rusher said...

Oh my, girlie, this is AMAZING!!!

Lisa Lara said...

Wow...Michelle. That is beautiful. Truly a work of art. I am so impressed. An art journal...what a great idea.

veronica said...

wow! it looks great! i love the gallery edges.

jen said...

very cool! I've had pics done on canvas too- so cool!!! I've not had anything I CREATED done though!!! :D love it!

patra Mach said...

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