Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My attempt at Jane Davenport's style

Earlier this year mom generously gifted me the funds to take the Jane Davenport Supplies Me! class.  Never having taken art in school, this class has been invaluable in teaching so many different supplies and how to use them.  Jane is a hoot and her laughter and methods of teaching are great!
This girl came after watching one of the 15 (yes, 15!) videos in Marvelous Markers week.  Her face is totally colored with Copic Markers -
While she has serious proportion issues (hello?  what is up with that nose?) I was happy that I had not used a pencil sketch to start - just drew right onto the paper like Jane does. . .
Used one of my new paints from Blick for the blue background and then a wash of watercolor for her hair.  BTW - that entire mess has been neatly put away. . . It may be 4:30pm and I may still be sitting in my jammies but I did make the bed and I did clear up - a girl must have some principles!
One of my favorite tips I've picked up from this class is how Jane colors/shades with purples and violets - not grey.   Makes a huge difference - BTW Jane is one of the teachers for Life Book 2013!!
Do you have the newest issue (January/February 2013) of Cloth Paper Scissors yet?
Here are two amazing reason to buy it. . .
The Sweet Silhouette Reader's challenge has my little paint splat bird in it!!  So thrilled to see something of mine in my favorite magazine!
Plus - Not only do I love Donna Downey (I once had a dream where I was in NYC visiting with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and we both decided to to go NC and visit Donna Downey) but look who the others members of the conversation are. . . See it??  My good friend - Kimberly Jones!!
YUP - not everyday that Kim and I have our names together in a magazine!


veronica said...

wow!! congrats on getting into your favorite mag!! way cool!

Gina Sismilich said...

Congrats on getting into my favorite mag as well!!! LOL I love my Copics - could use some hints and tips. It's a brave thing to do - start without a pencil sketch. I think the "proportion" issues you mentioned are what makes the face so interesting.