Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kraft Monograms

Finally got to get together with my stampy friends the other day - We used to stamp together quite often but now life seems to be conspiring against our crafty time. This is part of what I made - Want to see how quick and easy you can whip out a dozen of these?
These cards are 4b sized (3 1/2" x 5"). To make a template I cut a green piece of paper to the same size as the card's cover and used a rectangle Nestabilities die to cut out an opening.
I stamped the swirl design through the window with white kraft ink.
I like the look but it needed something to ground the white design since it is so loose and flowy.
I put the template back over and traced with a white pen.
Ahhh. Just the look I was going after - The monogram is from A Muse (Classic Alpha Set - clear stamps) and if you look closely you'll see a leaf stamped directly behind the monogram to cut down the white just a bit (A Muse 6-4167D Leaf Frond).
Hope the recipient (my SIL) likes them or I may have to change my name!!! Have a great weekend!


Susan Raihala said...

Brilliant! And if your SIL doesn't like them, well, my name IS Susan.... *wink*

veronica said...

don't know why she wouldn't like them! i love the leaf behind the S.

Banu said...

ooh!! Very very pretty. I am so impressed that you did so many of them :) WOW.