Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Slice"-d Fabric monograms!

Look what I made last night! Can you tell what they are?
Burp cloths for our new nephew, Max! I'm super excited about these since,
1) I am not much of a sewer (a person that sews fabric not a drainpipe - actually, I am not much of either),
2) I used fusible webbing and batting for the first time,
3) I love monogrammed things (especially monogrammed with "m"), and
4) They are so stinking cute!!
To make the monograms I first stiffened small squares of fabric with some liquid Fabric Stiffener I picked up at Hobby Lobby and applied with a foam sponge on top of waxed paper. They were set aside to dry (took about 30-45 minutes) and in the meantime I cut my fabric and batting to 9" x 21" with my rotary cutter (first time I've used one of those too).
The Noteworthy Slice card had the font I was looking for -
The hands-free collar is awesome if you don't already have one! Can you tell that this fabric has already been cut?
There it is!! Super easy!
Two adorable fabric monograms!
Stitch Witchery fusible webbing attached the monograms to my fabric. Next step was to zigzag stitch them on permanently. I found the inspiration for these cuties from the Craftaholics Anonymous blog - there are loads of great ideas on this blog!! My Janome mini sewing machine - a tiny but powerful machine for basic stitching - was a rockstar on this project.
That was fun - I may go and buy more fabric tomorrow! Hope you've had a great weekend!


jen said...

AWESOME!!! I've never used fabric stiffener- I used iron on fusible webbing for all the moxie fabric I cut. I LOVE this project- and congrats on your new nephew- I'm a few days behind!!! :)

veronica said...

see!! you CAN sew! you did a great job! love the monograming. i know you love 'm's!!

Sarah said...

These turned out fabulously! Burp cloths are one of the few things I still sew, but I've never monogrammed one. These are so cute that I may have to try it too!

José Maria Lobato said...

Hi,,, wow, very cute and perfect work, congratulations!!! That small cutting machine is magical, isn't it??? Hugs, José

Anonymous said...

So, so cute!
Congrats on the new nephew!