Saturday, August 7, 2010

Technical Difficulties -

So last night the ATT network went down in our area and we had no Internet access! Woe is me!! I had no clue (well, maybe a little one) that I "needed" to check my e-mail so often until this AM when in desperate straits I was trying to read it on my phone (not an iPhone). Anyway, the technical difficulties didn't end there - when I retreated to the bedroom and pulled the chain on the ceiling fan to turn on the light the chain broke of INSIDE the light - at least it was off when it broke! Finally, today I was able to reconnect our network but then it was time to leave the house for back to school shopping - I couldn't resist a little jaunt to a local scrapbook store. While Caleb was "safely" playing with Legos in the kid area I went to check out my goodies when I heard a LOUD crash - Connor came dashing over to tell me that Caleb was leaning back in his chair and fell backwards into the papertrays on the wall - He broke off - not 1, not 2, no, not even three trays - he broke off 6 trays!! There were little clear tabs all over the floor! What it all boils down to is that there will be a card posted tomorrow but for now I'm retreating to my "happy place". SIGH -
Good news though - I made Top 5 at Get Sketchy this week!


veronica said...

congrats on top 5! woo hoo!

Kimberly Jones said...

Congratulations on Top 5 Michelle! You're so talented and creative! Sounds like you had quite the day! Hope it's all better now!

jen said...

ACK! on your day-
Congrats on your top 5-
and thanks so much for stopping by May Arts for me!!! :D
Serenity now!!!!