Thursday, November 18, 2010

OLW29 - Classic Beauties Inspiration

Time for another OLW Challenge from the Simplicity blog.  We were directed to this post and told to make a one-layer card inspired by one of the beautiful cakes pictured - I chose the one below and then struggled to make a "true" one-layer card. 
You see, cakes have lots and lots of "layers" - hee, hee - I am punny!  I felt I needed some dimension and hence the bulky button embellishment that is probably against the rules but I am a papercrafting rebel (do you think it would be cool to have that as a bumper sticker on my car?) and flaunt the rules sometimes -
In further flaunting I made another card and added bunches of unnecessary but super cute Zva crystals - the hard part of Clean & Simple stamping is being willing to embrace all the white space - I always feel compelled to fill it up.  So what do you think - which card is cuter? 
A Muse (Chiffon Green paper, Marigold stamp), Momento (Bahama Blue and Rich Cocoa dye ink), Papertrey Ink (Signature Greetings stamp set), Zva pearls


Kimberly Jones said...

They're both adorable, but I love the one with the crystals the best! You know my motto is "bring on the bling!"

veronica said...

i love the blank space on the first, but the button on the second.
the colors are great, BTW!

jen said...

You are so punny!! *wink*
I love both (of course!), but like the first one for the challenge- it's the perfect take on that cake!! :D

jen said...

at least I didn't say it 'takes the cake'
sorry- couldn't resitst the punny train!!! *giggle*

Anonymous said...

I'm with Veronica, want to put the second button on the first card right NOW! What a brilliant choice of colors, especially for the sentiment. I wouldn't have thought to use that color ever, but it's just perfect.

Thanks for sharing.


Brenda R said...

I like the simplicity of the first one. And I love the white button detail in the first one.

Chrissie said...

Absolutely fabulous!
Love it!

Kathy D said...

The 'Smile' card has my vote. At first glance I liked the blank space on the 'Congrats', but I think I'm having more of a bling-y day today.

Susan said...

Both cards are beautiful! Being a "rebel" isn't always a "bad" thing! LOL!

Sue W said...

They are both stunning cards and you know what Rules were meant to be shaped slightly!!!!

Susan Raihala said...

Your whole post makes me SO HAPPY! When it comes to creativity, rules are more guidelines than absolute, don't you think? The first card is definitely my favorite, though, because I'm a total sucker for white space (even when it's green, LOL!), but the bling on the second IS gorgeous! Thanks for playing the challenge...and for pushing beyond it for your own joy!