Friday, February 25, 2011

BABY - Papercrafts March/April 2011

This card managed to make it into the current issue of Paper Crafts magazine - I like to point at it and sing "Baby" by Justin Bieber to make my older son crazy!!  I mean really - if you can't torture your children - why have them?!  LOL!


veronica said...

that would torture me too!
love the card! that ribbon is beautiful.

jen said...

GORGEOUS non-traditional baby!!! No surprise that one's in print! congrats!!! :)
(oh, and I had a little one for the SOLE PURPOSE of entertainment...)

Kimberly Jones said...

I really like the sophisticated color palette of this card! So much more elegant than the run of the mill baby card. Congrats on publication!

Pamela S. Wade said...

Gorgeous card! Congratulations on it being published!!! ~~Pam