Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pursuing Portraits - Lesson One

Yesterday's post featured some face outlines I was working on based on the Pam Carriker's Pursuing Portraits class.  I was excited to watch the rest of Lesson One to learn about shading.  LOOK at what I made last night and today!!
They are a bit serious looking but I would've never guessed that I had these girls hidden inside me!!  Plus, I had no clue that you could do pictures like this with only a pencil and a paper stump.  Adding the shading is fun and brings the features to life.
While the same techniques were used on each one they all turned out a bit different - maybe someday when I have more practice I can draw something that has a bit of continuity to it.
This girl has big eyes but reminds me the most of Pam Carriker's style.  Caleb said, "Maybe you should take a break from drawing, mom.  You've accomplished a lot in two days."


Michelle said...

You certainly have accomplished a lot in two days! Wow! These are great! :-)

veronica said...

shading does add so much! love them, my fav is the girl with her hair pulled to the side in rolls. very pretty!

Janet said...

If you can accomplish all this in just two days think where you'll be in another month! Your faces are beautiful.

Kimberly Jones said...

These are so beautiful Michelle! You definitely have a talent for drawing. And you do good hair! I love the side swept too!

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi I came over from Alisa B.s class. nice faces!!