Friday, March 30, 2012

PDCC125 - Jane Davies Inspired

This week's Play Date Cafe Challenge (PDCC125) is to use Black/White with a splash of Brown!!  Was there ever a challenge more "Michelle"??!!  It stated on the Play Date blog that, "it's the first time we've ever done another 'neutral' as our splash".  That may be very true for them but when I saw the challenge online I was sporting - wait for it - a shirt that was black/white with a splash of taupe!!  YUP - I'm fashionable that way!
Decided to get artsy with this challenge - very fancy materials were used in the construction of these two cards.  I'll wait for you to get a pen/paper to write down this extensive list:
Black India ink, brown acrylic paint and a straw - yes, a straw.  It becomes an invaluable tool in moving the India ink around your paper before it dries.
This isn't the first time I've used this technique - back in early February Kim and I had a waxy good time but I never got around to posting pics of what I worked on until now.
Jane Davies is a collage artist from Vermont who posted a great video on doing Ink Doodles.  These were my first attempt at trying my hand at it.
The first layer is a collage of torn patterned papers that are then covered with a layer of gesso to tone it down.   Then comes the fun - squirt some random ink on your paper and blow, blow, blow with that straw! Yes - it can give you a headache but the most wispy feathery marks are the ones that look the best to me despite the dizzy aftereffects!  Geometric shapes were added with watercolor paint and then
a layer of beeswax added more dimension that I spent a great deal of time buffing up with a soft cloth to get that fabulous gleam!  Definitely a fun technique to try!
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Michelle said...

Michelle, I can't begin to tell you how much your two cards appeal to me. I absolutely love them! Wow!

Arnoldo L. Romero said...

Your abstract pieces are like a blend between Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollock. I love them. Blessings!

Jane Davies said...

Hey, Michelle! These are really FUN! Glad you got the inspiration from my silly video. Love doing stuff like this! We'll definitely be doing ink doodles in the Sketchbook class.

Lisa A. said...

Michelle, these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Stunning would be a better word for me!!...thanks for sharing how you accomplished this technique...I am definitely going to try it...LOVE them:)!!

bristowmom said...

Very cool cards!

veronica said...

looks like fun to make. i haven't used india ink since high school.

Terrie said...

I've been a long time Jane Davies fan and immediately recognized her influence. This is just a fabulous card....I have a friend's birthday coming up and this may be just the thing for her card! I always love perusing your ideas - thanks for sharing!