Friday, November 8, 2013

Tired critter!

This (me) is one tired, cranky creature - still coughing despite days of antibiotics.  I was trying to go for the cute sock monster look but it turned out a bit too menacing, don't ya think?
My in-laws just arrived this AM from Florida and we WILL have a good time no matter how I feel physically but it would be so much easier if the coughing would just let up and I could get a decent night's rest!! 
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Cindy D. said...

Ugh, so sorry to hear you are under the weather! This fellow appears both cute AND cranky - a good natured cranky, perhaps. I think if you achieve a similar equilibrium for some of the visit you will be doing fine. :)

alarmcat said...

if this is a self-portrait….you aren't looking too good!!

just kidding….i think your monster is really cute :)

Fida said...

oh get well soon! I had to say this artwork is AMAZING! I love the caption written in it.

denthe said...

Love your cranky creature! Sorry to hear about your cough still going on. Hope it gets better soon!