Friday, February 14, 2014

My Super Hero

ME - "Look!  It's my first super hero. . ."
CONNOR - "You can't call her a super hero."
ME - "Why not?"
CONNOR - "She's not super." 
Put in my place by a 17 year old boy - apparently dressing a girl in a tight body suit with rays surrounding her head doesn't make one a super hero despite what I think.

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Miss Marple said...

...She is everything what you think she can be! I .ike her! - Irma

alarmcat said...

well, i thought a tight body suit and rays emanating from your head made you a super hero. guess we were both wrong :)

CatieAn said...

Isn't that a typical teenage response? I love it. But I see super hero in her foreseeable future. She is exactly what you see her as and more. I love her.

denthe said...

to me she looks like a superhero ... What do boys know about it ... ;-)

Jo said...

Typical teenage boy comment. I know this having had one myself.
I love this drawing.

veronica said...

you were supposed to come up with a super hero name!!
who is she?