Friday, April 16, 2010

Help, I Am Getting Frazzled!

So today I am rushing around the house - cleaning, tidying, sweeping, dusting and thinking about how "frazzled" I am getting when I got a flash of brilliance. . . maybe it just was a flash of sweat but anyhoo - LOOK at my card! BTW - all unfinished cleaning of the house and laundry is the fault of my "flash of brilliance" and we all know how fleeting those can be - one simply has to grab them when they appear!!
Got out my Harbor Freight steel stamps and made good use of them stamping out these words. This sketch is from a current Moxie Fab Challenge to use Cath's favorite sketch from the new Papercrafts Go-To Sketches. I bought this book the other day and I told myself that I could only look at one chapter a day. The ride home was 45 minutes though so I looked at the whole thing! (I am not known for incredible restraint - LOL) If you don't have it yet you might want to rush out and buy it - there is SO much inspiration!!
Wish I could tell you where the "mom" stamp is from but it is an unknown (to me, anyway) unmounted red rubber stamp. I cut the quote bubble with my Slice and used Momento Dye Inks in Rhubarb Stalk and Pear Tart to do the stamping. What is making you frazzled today?


Creative Mish said...

LOL! What a cute card. I have days like that!

shelly said...

love your take on the challenge. I think I feel like the card on most days!

Katy said...

Too funny! Love it!

Cath said...

Hey Michelle! Thanks for entering the Get Sketchy Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! :)