Saturday, April 17, 2010

Moxie Fab - Lovely as a Rose

Time for the Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger challenge - Lovely as a Rose. It was fun making this card. I painted old book paper with washes of paint and then fashioned them into flowers. WARNING: Old book paper is brittle and not very happy about being coaxed into flower shapes so be patient! Two of these flowers are inspired from Betsy Veldman's blog post - Make Your Own Spring.
This is the trigger picture - could you imagine getting such a bouquet? Quite lovely - These colors are so vibrant and soothing at the same time - I can almost smell the roses! I used a cuttlebug folder to add texture to the white background and added an A Muse sentiment embossed in white on green shimmer paper.
I took a pic of my card next to a beatiful pastel my older son Connor did in art class (they were studying Georgia O'Keefe at the time) a couple years back. Our master bathroom is mostly decorated in dark brown and taupe and this pic is the only splash of color in there - It makes me smile everyday!


Cheryl Nelson said...

Perfectly fabulous!! I couldn't possibly love this more!

veronica said...

i haven't seen this art from connor before. i love it! great job connor!!
love the card too, great trigger!

Cath said...

Hey Michelle! What a fun approach to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! Thanks so much for playing along! :)