Friday, December 17, 2010

Rolled Fabric Flower Necklace

I had so much fun making a rolled muslin flower for yesterday's card that I decided to make several flowers for future projects -then I decided that I would make a necklace.  Have you been seeing the rising popularity of the "bib" necklace like I have?  
Got out all my tools, beads and findings to get started.  I took a few minutes to lay out the beads in the order that I wanted to use them.
 Here's my favorite part - Do you see that each flower center has part of a barrel clasp on each side?  This makes my necklace interchangeable!!!  I can wear it with the white flowers and then quickly change out for the linen colored ones!!  I am a VERY slow beader (I've never had a class - I learned from books so I'm sure there are lots of time-saving tips I could utilize that I don't know yet) so making one "beaded necklace" base and then interchangeable centers is a good choice for me.
Here it is with the white flowers - Now my problem is to decide which set to wear while I pick up the kids from school!  WHOO HOO - I am really tickled at how this turned out - FUN!!


Kathy D said...

Very creative!!
I also would take too much time actually putting the beads together, good on ya for persevering!

veronica said...

i love that you made them interchangeable! what a great idea!

Dolly LaBelle said...


This is gorgeous. Another class we need. Would love to see you, come to play!

jen said...

love it- and I haven't had any classes on beading either, but I think making it interchangeable is genius! ;)