Monday, March 7, 2011

She Art - Art Journal Page -

Do you ever watch old Monty Python shows?  Remember when John Cleese would say, "Now for something completely different!" - That is exactly how I feel about my blogpost for today!  Have you ever, I mean ever, seen me do anything even remotely close to this?!
I have been taking Christy Tomlinson's She Art Workshop and I LOVE it!!  So many layers using so many products - paint, Mod Podge, patterned papers, rub-ons, glitter, old book paper, ink, Stickles, markers, doilies, stamps, computer text. . . (mom, now you know why my hands had orange paint on them today!)
If you had told me that I had this in me I'd have never believed it!  Christy actually made me feel like an artist!!  I definitely won't be tapping into this side of me everyday - it is kinda (really) messy.  Kinda of like when Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk!
The males in my family aren't sure what to make of this - My oldest said she looks "sparkly and fat" - but, of course, we know he has no taste at all!  BTW - this started as a lined piece of paper in a composition notebook - never would've guessed that would ya?


Kimberly Jones said...

Your page turned out so cool! I say the messier the better! I love all the layers! Enjoy the class!

jen said...

BE STILL MY HEART!!!!!!!!!! I am in love- LOVE I say (or scream, as the caps would indicate!) I've been wanting to try this- yay for you for DOING it!!! Did I mention I like this? :)

veronica said...

i don't think it looks like your usual style, but it is very cool! i love her newsprint legs and face.

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a while. I like your style and sense of humor. But this latest creation literally left me with my mouth hanging open. It is so incredibly beautiful -the colors, the words. Congratulations on freeing your inner artist.:>)
Dorothy C.