Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CAS109 - Tickle your Funny Bone

This week's Clean and Simple Challenge on Splitcoaststampers is - Tickle Your Funny Bone.  There are two ways to interpret these dogs (depending on how long they've been together in  their doggie relationship).  Suppose these dogs have only been in love for a short while -
Scenario 1 -
Girl dog - "I Love You"
Boy dog - "I love you too because you are one hot dog!" (get it - hot dog? I'll wait 'til it sinks in . . .)
BUT - if these dogs have been together for some time (for the sake of argument I'll say 20 years because that's how long Corey and I have been married) the story may go more like this -
Scenario 2 -
Girl dog (named Michelle for demonstration purposes only) - "I Love You"
Boy dog (named Corey) - "I love you too - I'm hungry - I wish I had a hotdog!"
Now tell me - which scenario seems more likely??!!
All stamps, paper, twine (the whole shebang) comes from A Muse Studio!!  I have a thing for the little dogs - I made the card above - how cute is it to see a dog on a Vespa?!!  This is one of my cards that made it into the A Muse catalog!!  All it takes is a stamp positioner for your dog to go riding down the road - If you are interested in ordering this stamp set or some dies, etc. just contact me at msmathey@gmail.com


Cat said...

very cute Michelle...

okay, MOST likely scenario? well, if you'd been married for, say, 25 years, i'd say {and only for demonstration purposes], girl dog [named Cat] says "I love you", and boy dog [named Bob] says "I'm hungry - I want a hot dog - oh yeah, I love you too"

Super Jen said...

In my life, the girl dog's bubble would be "ZZZZ" - meaning, I love you but I'm tired and ready to go to bed. These are too cute. The best thing I've seen in a long time.

Super Jen said...

PS> Congrats on getting in to the catalog! You can tell them I'd love to see MORE like THESE!!!

veronica said...

i would say: ooh, i am hungry!
very cute. love that dog on the scooter!

Kimberly Jones said...

So cute! I love the dog on the vespa! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

You slay me! Love this, M!


jen said...

you make me giggle! and the dog on the vespa is so fun! congrats on it being in the catalog!

Charlene said...

hee,hee....we've been married 41 years and believe me scenario 2 is more true. Adore the little vespa doggie too!!

Traveling Mama said...

These are so cute! My husband would especially love the first one... he loves eating Danish hot dogs!