Monday, March 21, 2011

Art Journal Fun - Pear & SheArt (part 2)

Today I decided to paint a pear - There is no real reason other than the fact that I like pears - how they look, smell and taste.  I've never painted a piece of fruit before but I think I succeeded because when you look at this page you definitely get the idea -
Well, lookie there -
It's a pear!
Don't be jealous of my mad skills!  Not only am I an "artist" but I am a "poet" too!
The other day I made another SheArt girl - She is definitely better than the first one (dubbed "sparkly and fat" by my rude 14 year old son).  I'm really pleased with this dress - not just one big hunk of paper this time - an actual paper pieced skirt and a blouse with a belt and collar!  The hair is cute too!  Usually when you make these girls you write something deep and philosophical on the side - I've been forced to leave it blank because all I can think of is -
She felt awkward (for she had the shoulders of a football player but the legs of a chicken).
She wanted to catch a butterfly but she had no hands.
Can you come up with a better caption than that?


veronica said...

we love the pear!!! i love the way you did the background! dave says to tell you he is impressed. he likes the SheArt girl too. i think the paper piecing is cool!

Kimberly Jones said...

I love these Michelle! Your backgrounds are gorgeous! The paper pieced girl looks great, and the pear is very pear-ish!

Joan B said...

you are an artist. wow. both rock. look at the folds on that skirt. and the pear is gorgeous

jenn shurkus said...

i think you are rockin the art journal!!!!