Monday, December 26, 2011

Watercoloring in the car -

Have you ever watercolored in the car?   I would never think to do such a thing if not for the inspiration I get from artists like Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Donna Downey who think nothing of creating on the go.
These are the tools that I packed - Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists by Carla Sonheim, KOI Water Colors, ZIG Millenium Waterproof Markers, pencil, Copic Marker, ZIG White Opaque paint pen and a kitchen towel to soak up the watery mess.
My first picture was inspired by LAB 20 - Take inspiration from Spanish artist Joan Miro.  I am not familiar with his art (and therefore may have something totally un-"Miro-esque") but the elements and geometric forms called to me and inspired my crazy bird.
My second picture was inspired by LAB 19 - Picasso Dogs.  Obviously, I decided to go human and not canine but my son Caleb says my bald lady is as ugly as a dog.  He is quite disturbed with this picture and asked me to not even put it in my art journal.  If the purpose of "art" is to provoke emotion than I will take that as a compliment.
Both the watercolors were painted on our way to Mississippi to visit family.  Once we were there though it was time for some traditional stamping.  My cousin, Selena, had a commission to make some mini calendars and I jumped in to help her.  Here are the 18 mini calendars I whipped up.  All her mini calendars are gone now but I managed to snag one of the butterfly ones for myself - I'm sneaky that way!
I did some painting on the way home too - and will post that on another day. . .


Ildiko said...

so whimsical and fun!
wonderful job!

BlackPumpkin said...

Love both! And the calendars, too.
Happy Holidays!

veronica said...

didn't know it was possible to paint in the car. very cool!

The Swinks said...

And to think that beautiful bird and confused head may never have been if you hadn't been coming to visit me....sigh. Thanks so much for the help on the calendars. I had a blast "playing" with you. Also thank you for your artistic inspiration. We have the book in this post in our library system and I have already put myself on the list.

Denni said...

Fantastic little watercolors! I love that bird especially. I have never painted in the car but I do draw sometimes picking up the kids from school. Have a wonderful New Year!

Jane said...

Would never have tried to paint in the bumpy? Sweet little paintings you made and the calendars are precious. Bravo!

VonnyK said...

You must have better roads in the USA, in Australia the roads are really bad and bumpy. Everytime it rains there are holes in the roads and it's a bit like dodgem cars taking my daughter to school. It would create some fantastic Picasso like pics even if you weren't trying too!
Love that cute little bird.
Von :)