Monday, May 14, 2012

Figure Drawing -

Last Thursday it was fun day of sketching with my pal, Roni.  I wanted to try figure sketching so I got my wooden figure and took it over to Roni's house.  LOOK at how sweet the two look together -  like a "generic parent figure" walking a "generic child figure" in the park.  Doesn't that touch your generic wooden heart?
(Also note the take-out cup from Cracker Barrel - we had breakfast before sketching - everyone knows that sketching goes much better after a hearty serving of Hashbrown Casserole!) 
Anyway - my figures kinda look like robot people - they were fun to draw but I couldn't figure out any text to put with them until I grabbed my 1940 Healthy Growing book and started snipping out some wording.
 "The things you do most of the time seem to affect your bones and muscles."
". . .at first it may be hard for you to stand or sit straight and at ease. . ."  This layout is definitely different from any other endeavors in my art journal but I love it!!
BTW - This figure sketch for a painting looks so modern to me but was painted in the 1500's by Luca Cambiasi.  How cool is that??!!


Janet said...

I was immediately drawn in by your figure sketches. The colors look great and I like how you used the old book text with them.

Maybe that's what's been wrong with my sketching recently...I haven't started off my day with Hashbrown Casserole!!

The sketch at the bottom does look very modern! I really like the chunky, cube-like way it's drawn. Wouldn't Luca Cambiasi be amazed that people around the world are still looking at his sketch in 2012.

Daniele Valois said...

I am so impressed. I have never seen figure sketches look like this. Wow wow wow!~

SHERI C said...

Your FIGURE SKETCHES are wonderful and the Cambiasi one is so cool too!
Happy PPF!
Sheri Cook/Happy Horse Studio

kristin maynes said...

Great work! Love your sketches and the colors used. So creative. Love your blog also, I will be returning.

minnemie said...

Very fun figures! Also love the Cambiasi one - thanks for sharing!

veronica said...

i had fun sketching with you the day you did this sketch. and that last one is very interesting to be so old!

cheiron said...

These are awesome. I love looking at all your drawings! And your post made me hungry for some Hasbrown Casserole...mmm.

DJ said...

love your arts!

and wow!! are you sure that last one is so old?? that is amazing

Viola said...

Oh this is so useful, the figures! :)
and who could believe the last one here was drawn in the 1500!! =o