Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Painted Ladies Canvas -

Finished up my girl canvas!!  The ladies were such fun to make and I'm tickled with how they look all together on the finished piece.  
The believe card comes from a set by Melody Ross and the words were written with Cosmo Cricket letters and held up with Tim Holtz Memo Pins (be careful - those babies are SHARP).  Some vintage lace and Me&My Big Ideas rub-ons finished up my messily painted background.
TRUST, FAMILY, LAUGHTER, CREATIVITY, LOVE, MYSELF - all good things to believe in.
Caleb - "Mom, Don't ya think it is pretty vain to put myself on there?"
Me - "Isn't it important for me to believe in myself though?"
Caleb - "You got a point there. . ."
Linking up to the Second Floor Challenge #3 - TRUTH.  
Did you know that Liquitex has spray paints now??  I just got my free sample in the mail the other day and am anxious to try it out - bet it will be awesome with stencils!
BTW - Do you see that the mass produced letter is addressed to "Dear Artist"?  Maybe now instead of answering to mom I should demand to be called "ARTIST" -
Caleb - "ARTIST - Why do I have to take a shower?"
Connor - "ARTIST - What's for supper?"
Perhaps when I show my next creation someone in my family will say - "That's nice, ARTIST".  Has a nice ring to it, doncha think??


Michelle said...

Well, ARTIST, your ladies turned out beautifully! I love it! :-)

Kimberly Jones said...

Hello ARTIST! I BELIEVE the painted ladies turned out gorgeous! I love their dresses,and all the other details!

Janet said...

ARTIST, I think your ladies look fantastic!

I can't wait to get my hands on some of that spray paint! Just look at all those luscious colors.

minnemie said...

Dear ARTIST, I count myself among one of your ladies...or rather I claim all of them. So fantastically (is that a word?) creative you are!

DJ said...

you totally amaze me!! i LOVE this!!

veronica said...

i think you should be called:
Arteest, your ladies are terrific!

Becky Rusher said...

Love your ladies, Michelle! This is amazing!

jen said...

Love it! And you absolutely are an artist!!!

kristin maynes said...

Oh, I love how they turned out! You're so talented! :)

Viola said...

I LOVE your ladies! :) What a beautiful work!

finnabair said...

I love them all - very beautiful project!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Hi, Michelle.
I really want to try these Liquitex spray paints, too!
Do they come in metallic colors also?
Been searching for the color chart on line. :)