Saturday, August 4, 2012

Illustration Friday: BOUNCE

BLUE GUY - "Mind if I bounce an idea off you?"
GREEN GUY - "Ouch!  I have ideas of my own." 
When do we cross the line from trying to be helpful into forcing our ideas/conceptions upon others?  Something that I've been thinking about while we are raising our two boys.
My ideas are not necessarily their ideas. . . 
sometimes to my relief - sometimes to my chagrin! 
BTW - Dina Wakley suggested scribbling today and I took her up on it!


pauline said...

Fabulous illustration!! i love how you kept it simple line art and your limited color palette. Love your style, as always. Oh, and those framed leaf prints!! OMG Michelle... they look great! Yes, i'd definitely buy them if i saw them in a store... (BOOYAH!! hehehhee... that was cute!) xox

Kimberly Jones said...

So cute!! Love your scribbles!

DJ said...

great style!! i love these!! sorry it takes me forever to comment

veronica said...

i love the faces! and the squares of color behind them!