Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spoonflower -

Have you heard of Spoonflower?  It is an amazing site where you can have fabric, wallpaper, decals and gift wrap printed from your own designs.  Seriously, how cool is that??!!  They will print 8" test swatches for only $5 so I decided to take a plunge and upload a design.
This geometric abstract was a recent favorite of mine from my art journal and I was amazed at how true the colors turned out on the cotton fabric once it arrived.  You can choose many different ways to line up your pattern and many different sizes.  I think it would be fun to make some handmade notebooks with this pattern on the cover - maybe the smaller of the two sizes I had printed.
Your designs are private unless you choose to make them public.  Once public, you make 10% Spoondollar commissions off your design if someone chooses to have it printed.  There are many gorgeous, trendy designs on the site to choose from.
Have you ever used Spoonflower?  What did you think?  What did you make with your designs?


alarmcat said...

very cool….thanks for the info about Spoonflower. i will definitely check them out!

SLScheibe said...

How pretty! Your design looks gorgeous. I will have to check that site out!

denthe said...

I've been thinking of trying this out for a while now. Still hoping to find something similar in Australia but up till now no luck. I've heard only good things about Spoonflower, so I might still try it. Would love to use it for pillows and little bags ... Great idea to use it for the cover of a notebook!