Friday, September 12, 2014

Coffee Stain girl - #2

Had so much fun with the other coffee stain girl that I did it again - honestly, I have a pretty strong feeling that there will be several coffee stain girls before the 29 FACES challenge is over. 
The first girl was mostly acrylic paints but this one is pencils only.  I'm really enamored with the white that peeks through.  When I'm splashing the coffee around it is really hard not to paint the whole page but I make an effort to leave some open area for contrast.
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denthe said...

oh yes, looking good .... I have a jar of old instant coffee here that I set aside specifically to paint with coffee, and I never did. You have inspired me to get it out again :-)

Kelly R said...

that a neat technique using coffee. I like the white that peaks through too. lovely face and work.

Kelly R said...
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