Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Three's a crowd. . .

While the 29 Faces challenge is - face it - one of my most favorite challenges (did you see what I did there?  LOL) it can be difficult for me to find the time to get it finished.  That's why on three separate occasions this month I've grouped girls together - maybe it is cheating or maybe it is wicked clever of me - you can make that call.
Started with a flowered background left over from my Inspired by Henri Matisse post back in January.  Guess what?  Jeanne Oliver is heading up another Studying Under the Masters class starting next week - this one is focused on portraits and self-portraits.  Whoo-hoo!
Cori Dantini, Jane Davenport and Gillian Lee Smith are among the teachers - need I say more?
Check out all the fun with 29 Faces!

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alarmcat said...

i enjoy seeing all of your faces. One at a time, two, three...doesn't matter to me :)