Monday, March 30, 2015

Illustration Friday - OUTSIDE

Haven't done a prompt from Illustration Friday in a while.  This girl was drawn in ink.  The cloud was too but was scanned in the computer and digitally resized to make the background sky.  I'm figuring that most people will view the topic OUTSIDE in a colorful way so I'm thinking this black/white version will be different from the norm.


alarmcat said...

very nice!

i used to contribute to IF now and then. you reminded me that I need to check out that site again. Always lots of wonderful art there!

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Michelle! I love her!!! I like doing black and white art and especially seeing other's artwork in black and white. There is something so clean about it and I see colors within.

I will have to check out Illustration Friday. I have been gone a while from blogging and even longer from really doing my artwork. Make it a GREAT day!

veronica said...

Love it!

Cindy D. said...

So sweet! I love the cloud design. :D