Monday, May 11, 2009

Photo talk -

I get really frustrated taking pictures of my cards and projects - I learned in Seattle that it is nearly always better to take pics without flash - (I believe Heather said, "Flash is the devil.") and I've truly been finding that to be true. However, sometimes you need a little flash - I was experimenting with the camera today. Taking a picture with the sun behind the subject ends up with a bright background and your subject in shadows - Trying to compensate with the fill flash can end up washing out your picture.
I know that photographers filter their flash with fabric and umbrella thingies (I know no photography terms, obviously) so I tried covering the flash with a bit of paper. Cut down the flash but still a little too dark.
Then I had a great idea - I covered the flash with a small piece of vellum. It cut the glare with its opacity but the bit of sheer still let just the right amount of flash through -
What??!! You don't take endless pictures of a PlayMobile guy like I do? How about a bonus nature shot? Bee and flower in backyard.


veronica said...

thanks for the ideas, my pic are always lacking in the brightness area.
great bee!

Rhiannon said...

okay, you had me laughing...i could totally see myself using playmobile guy or star wars lego guy as my "subject"! Thanks for sharing your tips!!

AuBien said...

Awesome tip! Flash drives me insane...hate it. Always seems like too much. I'm going to start carrying vellum!