Friday, May 8, 2009

Teacher Gifts -

It is Teacher Appreciation Week around here and since I am ALWAYS on top of things - my boys' many teachers have gifts ready for them. SIGH - I wish!!! The gifts should be finished up over the weekend - I'll post pics of the desk sets I'm making for all of them then - in the meantime, however, I did manage to get Mrs. Ring's name frame finished. She is Caleb's 2nd Grade homeroom teacher.
This is my favorite part - I ran the ribbon under the letters and the glass but I attached the button/ribbon embellishment on the outside of the glass with a gluedot. FUN and added a kinda cool 3-d effect to the frame.


veronica said...

i like your ribbon, but i love all your sparkles.

Robin and Sheila said...

I envy your talent.

Robin and Sheila said...

I've got to change that from "Robin and Sheila!"