Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teacher Gifts -

Finally finishing up the teacher gift sets - seems like I've been working on them forever. I downloaded the desk set template from PTI and made a total of 11 sets of stationery. Found out today that I spelled one of the teacher's names wrong!! AARRGGHH - Need to fix that tonight and deliver tomorrow.
The Guidance Counselor at the elementary school is retiring so I wrapped up a set of coasters as a gift to her - We just got the Bow Easy in at Serendipity and it is so easy to make up pretty matching bows in no time flat.
Please excuse the blurry pics (not sure what is up with that!!) but the little butterfly is punched from one piece of patterned paper and one piece of acetate. Any adhesive would have shown through the acetate so I got the idea to use a piece of copper cord to tie the two pieces together. Matched the box perfectly and ended up looking like antennas!! I think that was my favorite touch.
BTW - my cuttlebug B plates are in horrendous shape - very battle weary and scarred from lots and lots of cutting - In fact, I have another set of pristine B plates for embossing since using the old plates embosses all the scratches onto your paper - In this case, with the leaves, I thought that embossing the scratches would add texture and "veins" to my leaves. Love that little SU! Sizzlet.


veronica said...

i love the sets! the little square gift cards are adorable!

scoopy (Emily) said...

Love your note holders - very nice! I showed them to my son and he said he liked them best - so I am making them for his teachers! TFS!