Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Sketching from Nature" - Part 2

More sketching from nature - this is based on a photo I took of some daisies in the backyard one year - I love how the centers seem to be blue in color -
I definitely have no green thumb and I am happy for the flowers that the previous owner planted all over the yard - several still come back annually despite my mistreatment of them year after year.
First come the daffodils - we already have shoots up in several places - soon the yard will come back to life and then the grass will start growing again to the great consternation of Connor who has the assignment to mow!
Guess what?  Yesterday afternoon I got the mail to find this magazine - What??  It had a pink paper attached congratulating me on being published in the current issue - however, I've only submitted twice to Stampington and that was several years ago - I managed to get a card published in the 2007 Catch Up issue but that was it - I looked through the magazine and didn't see anything that looked familiar.
I figured it must have been a mistake and I got a fluke free magazine when finally it appeared - my card - a card I submitted back in March 2006 got published now - 6 years later!!  If you read Take Ten magazine you know that they generally group cards by color so I guess my card got tossed in the brown/green drawer and resurfaced in time for this publication!  I loved green/brown then and I love it now (apparently the twine was used to keep the flowers from trying to "escape").


Kimberly Jones said...

A very happy daisy painting! And a big congrats on being published in Take Ten! Very exciting! That card is so you, and I'm so happy to see it in a magazine!

veronica said...

love your bluish centers. your flowers are terrific.
and how great is that to get a card published 6 yrs later?!!! what a sweet surprise!

jen said...

Black eyed susans are so fun- always non stop! Your painting of them is great! And how fun to have a surprise pub!!!

Becky Rusher said...

Congrats on getting published, Michelle! What a cool surprise! Love your flower painting!