Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Sketching from Nature" - Sketchbook Delight II - Lesson 3

I can almost smell spring!  The days are getting longer - occasionally the drone of a lawnmower can be heard in the neighborhood - kids are coming out of school without their jackets on (doncha just hate it when kids are "jacket-free" because they forgot it behind in the classroom?) - and very soon the branches on the trees will begin to bloom!!
Lesson 3 is Sketching from Nature -
Can't wait to see the dogwood and redbuds start to bloom in the backyard!


jen said...

This is really lovely! And yay for spring!!

Kimberly Jones said...

Pretty and PINK! I thought I heard a lawnmower a couple of days ago too! In February? But I am ready for spring! Love your art journal pages!
And by the way, PINK!

jenn shurkus said...

this is beautiful!!

veronica said...

best buds ever!
best buds 4ever?! love em!