Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AEDM (Day 13) - A Tale of Two Trees

The Illustration Friday topic for this week is TREE which sounds simple and straight forward enough, right?  
The first attempt at TREE was this bonsai-looking thing done with metallic/white Sharpies on a Citra Solv page.  While I really liked the look I felt there was not enough contrast for the tree to show so decided to go an entirely different direction with. . .
 this tree.  This poor naked tree on the stark white background needed something. . . how about a quote from Thomas Fuller? yes, that helps but we need more.  How about some ink splats?  Yup - that's good but still more.  After airbrushing brown on top and bottom with my Copic markers and adding a dash of Washi tape I am finished but still feeling not quite right.
 However, as a spread in my art journal, the contrasting trees on opposing pages somehow seems right. . . so I will leave it at that.  Good thing about an art journal - if you don't like what you see just turn the page!
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Janet said...

I like them both but I think my favorite one is on the right. I like the Citra Solv background and the white Sharpie tree.

Anne Manda said...

You are so right, together they create a beautiful collage, yin and yang! :)

Tracey Fletcher King said...

they are both lovely as separate images, but you put the together and they are quite magical.... just lovely...xx