Saturday, November 17, 2012

AEDM (Day 17) - Red/Green Beetle

Mom has requested six insects and this is number four!  Two more to go. . .
I spent most of the afternoon "blaking" - which is my word for raking the leaves with a blower (blow + rake = blake).  Now the leaves in the back yard are in HUGE piles waiting to get magically transported to the curb at the front of the house - Guess I'll be spending most of tomorrow afternoon moving the HUGE piles of leaves.  It is nice to see green in the backyard again instead of only leaves!
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Viola said...

Beautiful! and I've watched all your insects below, so much lovly to see here! :)
aslo I like the branches of the trees and background! :)

veronica said...

great buggy eyes! love the highlight on his back too.