Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend trip - St. Louis

So in my last post I was complaining that I was too busy and stressed - what is the antidote for such a malaise?  Apparently, it is to drop everything, take the kids to Nana/Papa's and jet off to St. Louis for the weekend!  If you're ever in that town be sure and visit ArtMart - it definitely gives Disneyworld a run for its money as "The Happiest Place on Earth"!

We also visited the Art Museum - I'm so amazed at people that have enough chutzpah to work in front of others.  So cool!!  
Here are some of my favorite pieces of the day. . .

Maquette for Sculpture Screen at Lambert-St. Louis Air Terminal
Harry Bertoia 
This is a miniature of a screen that was once part of the airport and has since been removed - I love this piece and have taken pictures of it every time I've visited this museum.

Boxcars, Minneapolis #2
Ralston Crawford
LOVE this piece - the angles, the colors - I asked if I could borrow it for my living room and they told me no.  sigh. . .

Seated Woman, 1953
Pablo Picasso

Pitcher and Fruit Bowl, 1931
Pablo Picasso

The Artist's Mother
Paul Cezanne 
The Artist's Sister
Paul Cezanne
It looks as though I posted this picture upside down but look in the background (at the right side up Corey).  The information provided stated that his early portraits focused on members of his family and that is possible that he painted on both sides of the canvas for financial reasons.  I love that they mounted it where you could walk around and see both sides.

St. Ives Cornwall, Composition, 1934
Ben Nicholson

Composition, 1933
Jean Helion

Stairway at Auvers, 1890
Vincent van Gogh

Little Dancer of Fourteen Years
Edgar Degas
This bronze was the only statue that Degas showed during his lifetime - the others he made were for private collections.

Cradling Wheat, 1938
Thomas Hart Benton
This was Corey's favorite piece of the day - he likes all the movement and the colors.

They are expanding the St. Louis art museum so many, many of the contemporary pieces were in storage - the new wing opens June 2013.
It was a great weekend filled with beautiful works of art.  I LOVE museums - do you?


Dᴀɴᴀ said...

wow I would love to visit an art museum to get some inspiration from others. Great pictures ^.^ Thanks for sharing !

Kimberly Jones said...

LOVE Artmart!! Looks like you had a great time in St. Louis! I would love to visit that museum!

DJ said...

Looks like a great museum. And I DO love museums!!